Begin (again)

I'm having a good time with a digital project I've been working on. It's requiring me to revisit my basic html skills and learn a lot of other things my life hitherto has not required. My happiest state is with the wind in a my face and a project in my sights. Nevertheless, it's going… Continue reading Begin (again)

Artifacts, nostalgia

Marie Kondo's approach is kind, even tender, if her deliberate hand gestures and serene facial expressions are to be believed. It’s beautiful to watch and probably I should emulate it. My style of house clearing might be said to resemble forest management. Periodically, I unleash fires to clear out dead wood.

Body time

We say we hack life in an attempt to eke more out of our finite time and energy. In many cases, this means we’re hacking our bodies. The danger of ignoring our body clocks is not always evident. Eventually, the resilience to abuse burns away. Bodies present complex arrangements of symptoms we may never recognize as having roots in our temporalities.